tomato plants

i have recently potted 2 tomato plants and 1 cucumber plant on my balcony in florida.
obviously the weather is always warm here but on my balcony at this time of year there is no direct sunlight.
what can i expect from my plants???

If someone has plans on building the box, please let me in on it.
My soil is shot and the last three years my plants have started to dry up from the bottoma and the leaves are turning yellow. I will grow the plants upside next year.


Do you have any tips on growing and planting them?
Honestly, I don’t know anything besides putting the seeds in some dirt. Anything is helpful.

im growing yellow pear tomatoes on my balcony in miami.
i was wondering when will i know to pick them as i was told that you can leave them on the plant for too long.
is this true??

Last night I made tomato soup and was left with a bowl full of juicy and flavorful tomato guts. Aside from the obvious tomato juice, is there anything I can cook with the tomato scraps?

I have read a little about bone meal,epsom salt and manure being good for tomatoes.Not sure how much to use.I have access to horse manure, but I don’t have a compost bin.

I live in Florida and am growing them in good potting soil over the sandy base.

You know the ones I’m talking about which advertise in the sunday paper. The TREE TOMATO or “produces bushels of tomatos”. I always want to get them but I don’t want to be ripped off.

It was a black comedy (obviously) about a household which invites guests over for dinner and lively debate. They end up strongly disagreeing with someone’s horrific opinions, accidentally kill them, then bury them in the garden (underneath their tomatoes?). Soon, they start a tradition of having people over, then poisoning them if the group disagrees with the guest’s views, and they bury all the bodies out back. Tried searching for variations on ‘Tomatoes’ and ‘Tomato Soup’, since I’m fairly certain they served the guests tomato soup.

Anyone know this movie?

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